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Jan 29 2012

Hanging Earring Holder Tutorial

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A while back I showed how to make a great earring holder built out of a picture frame. Well, since making that, I’ve moved all my costumes and costume jewelry to another room (namely my art room) which doesn’t have an appropriate place on the wall to hang an earring holder. However, there is space […]

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Dec 14 2010

Silhouette Etching Tutorial

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I’ve put together a tutorial for how to etch glass using the Silhouette machine to make stencils. It’s super easy! I’ve also put up a video which shows me doing all the steps since sometimes it’s easier to see someone do it. Let’s get started . . . Get your monogram ready The firs step […]

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Aug 08 2010

Earring Holder Tutorial

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I’m always losing my earrings. So I wanted a way to keep them nice and neat, but where I could see them all so when I need some, I can just grab and go. Like normal, I didn’t really want to buy anything new if possible. In this case I had to splurge on a […]

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