I recently found out the beauty of making food and then freezing it. One of my favorites to do this with is chili. I found this recipe called It’s Chili by George!! on All Recipes and modified it to my liking.

Yoga pants

I was inspired by this Threadbanger video on how to make your own yoga pants to copy a pair of my favorite dance pants. I did it a bit more ad hoc, laying the tracing paper over the pants and tracing that way rather than using a tracing wheel, but I’m quite pleased with how…

Swirl curtains

I desperately needed some curtains for my office. So I decided to make some super simple ones. Of course it’s never that simple with me. I decided on a great pink fabric with swirlies. Love it. But I didn’t want bright fuchsia to show from the street so I decided to line the curtains with…

Planting Update

Some updates on how things are growing. Overall, great! Everything is really perking up. Except the berries. We’ll have to see how they do. Above is the sage which is growing quite nicely. Need to make something with those nice leaves. More pictures after the break.

More planting

Planted some new items in my herb garden last weekend. Kicking off the bunch are some strawberries. Each little pocket (there are 6 of them) has a strawberry plant. You can already see some delicious berries forming. I tried one today. Yum 🙂 More pictures after the break.

Some fun dim sum

For my husband’s birthday we were going to go to his favorite Indian spot, but they were unfortunately closed (for “inventory” — we hear they’re switching management unfortunately). So instead I got to choose and we decided to go to a Chinese restaurant called Fu Lam Mum which had pretty good reviews on Yelp.

Green cakey thing

Some random food posts coming up. Tried this cakey appetizer at a local Persian restaurant. No, I didn’t know it was green before I ordered it. Can’t remember what it was but it was all vegetarian and didn’t have much taste. I’m sure if I saw the name I would remember. But I won’t be…