Some fun dim sum

For my husband’s birthday we were going to go to his favorite Indian spot, but they were unfortunately closed (for “inventory” — we hear they’re switching management unfortunately). So instead I got to choose and we decided to go to a Chinese restaurant called Fu Lam Mum which had pretty good reviews on Yelp.

Green cakey thing

Some random food posts coming up. Tried this cakey appetizer at a local Persian restaurant. No, I didn’t know it was green before I ordered it. Can’t remember what it was but it was all vegetarian and didn’t have much taste. I’m sure if I saw the name I would remember. But I won’t be…

Salty Plum Soda

This is the salty plum soda at Evergreen Garden in SF. I love trying newthings so I had to get it. It was interesting. Not as weird as you mightthink but kinda salty yet sweet. Kinda like yogurt covered pretzels but notquite that good either.

Cupcakes Galore

For my housewarming party I went a little crazy baking cupcakes. It’s what I do. The flavors were s’mores (chocolate with marshmallow–my fave), English toffee, vanilla chai and a secret flavor! We had a little contest to see if people could guess the cupcake flavor. Since you can no longer taste them, I’ll just tell…

Bruges Market

In the center of Bruges, right in front of our hotel in fact, there is a market in the square. Not sure how often though I heard it mentioned in our guide books so it must be reasonably often. Don’t the strawberries look amazing?? Here are some pictures from the market.

Belgian Waffle

This was a waffle I had in Belgium, making it a Belgian waffle. The waffles there are different than in the states, even though we call them Belgian waffles. The dough they use of there is more of a dough than a batter. It makes it delicious and chewy. And the chocolate doesn’t hurt.