More French Macarons

As previously mentioned, I’m obsessed with macarons. Here’s the latest batch: chocolate peanut butter, raspberry chocolate, chocolate with chocolate caramel and plain with chocolate caramel. This was my first time making chocolate meringue (with cocoa powder in the meringue) and I may have to tweak some of the cooking times or temperatures as they came…


French macarons

The fact of the matter is that I’m currently obsessed with french macarons. I did a macaron making party for my birthday. I made my macaron apron. I have more macaron fabric which I haven’t used yet. I love them. They are cute. They are tasty. The other weekend I made 5 batches (I only…


WIP: Neon quilt

So apparently March is national quilt month. I somehow missed this in past years. But I’m here now! I figured I’d show off some of the quilts I’ve been working on. I’ve recently gotten really into quilting. I love the shapes. The colors. The mathematical perfectionism behind them but that at the same time you…


Fixin’ some denim

For some bizarre reason, the men in my life have been asking me to fix their work pants. I think I’m getting decent at it. It’s not the most beautiful job, but considering these pants are typically used for painting and yard work, I’m happy with it. Here’s a look at my hand work.