Group Sewing

Ever since I heard about the “Frock by Friday” sew-alongs that Grosgrain Fabulous runs, I’ve wanted to join in. Unfortunately, last months fell at a bad time, but this month I think I might actually have time! The image above links to all the posts — the pattern, suggested fabrics — and I’ll be posting…


Tea at the Empress

After the gardens, Mom met Dad and me at the Empress hotel. It’s pretty hard to miss so I figured it was a good landmark. As luck would have it, given that Canada is basically like Europe, they do tea and the Empress had a fine tea service. Without too much convincing, Mom and Dad…


Butchart Gardens

Our major stop in Victoria was Butchart Gardens. Jenny Butchart had these gardens built when she was bored while her husband was off making money from his quarry. Don’t blame here. Anyhow, she kinda went crazy and just kept making more and more gardens. They are impressive. She eventually turned the quarry itself into the…


Butterfly, don’t fly away

While we were in Vancouver, Dad really wanted to visit Victoria, particularly Butchart Gardens. While we were in the tourist center after landing in Victoria (we took a sea plane which was so cool!), I noticed a flyer for the Butterfly Gardens. Dad was interested, too, and as luck would have it, it was already…


Lola of Seattle

Recently took a trip to Vancouver with my parents. I flew into Seattle, we grabbed breakfast and then drove out. Side note to Bec: we were barely there or I would have come visit you. Promise. We ate breakfast at this cute little place call Lola that I found through Yelp. It was delicious. I…


Hemming Jeans

I love designer jeans, but I don’t love designer prices. So I buy my jeans at sample sales. But this also means they are usually too long. Well, I finally tore a hole in the last jeans I had, so it was time to finally hem some of the jeans I bought. I think I’ve…



I recently found out the beauty of making food and then freezing it. One of my favorites to do this with is chili. I found this recipe called It’s Chili by George!! on All Recipes and modified it to my liking.