Recipes Page

I’ve added a new recipes page to consolidate all my recipes. Often I have one I’d like and, yes, of course I could use the search function on the left side, but it’d be so much easier to see all my recipes in one place. Perhaps now that they are easier to find this way,…


Metal Casting

And here we have the finished product! (set nicely against my new curtain fabric–there will be a post on that later.) I think the hamsa (the one on the right) is my favorite. It came out most how I expected it to. This post describes the steps to make these.


Visiting the Crucible

For a team offsite at work, we went to the The Crucible. The Crucible is an awesome place where you can do crazy crafts like foundry (melting metal and pouring it into molds), glass working, blacksmithing, welding, jewelery making, neon and more. For our offsite, we did glass flameworking and foundry. Unfortunately, I didn’t get…


Salty Plum Soda

This is the salty plum soda at Evergreen Garden in SF. I love trying newthings so I had to get it. It was interesting. Not as weird as you mightthink but kinda salty yet sweet. Kinda like yogurt covered pretzels but notquite that good either.

Cupcakes Galore

For my housewarming party I went a little crazy baking cupcakes. It’s what I do. The flavors were s’mores (chocolate with marshmallow–my fave), English toffee, vanilla chai and a secret flavor! We had a little contest to see if people could guess the cupcake flavor. Since you can no longer taste them, I’ll just tell…


Cupcake Supply Awesomeness

For my housewarming party, I made approximately 150 cupcakes of varying sizes and flavors. I found this great place Fancy Flours which is my new favorite place to get cupcake supplies. They have a great selection of papers which are really  high quality. I was quite pleased. And the best? See the sprinkles on the…