Some fun dim sum

For my husband’s birthday we were going to go to his favorite Indian spot, but they were unfortunately closed (for “inventory” — we hear they’re switching management unfortunately). So instead I got to choose and we decided to go to a Chinese restaurant called Fu Lam Mum which had pretty good reviews on Yelp.

Green cakey thing

Some random food posts coming up. Tried this cakey appetizer at a local Persian restaurant. No, I didn’t know it was green before I ordered it. Can’t remember what it was but it was all vegetarian and didn’t have much taste. I’m sure if I saw the name I would remember. But I won’t be…


Planting a garden

Over Memorial Day weekend, my parents were in town and my dad helped me plant an herb garden. The original plan was to plant them in the dirt you see them on, not in the pots. However, it turns out that my dog is a bit of a digger. The yard is littered with holes…


Meet Minnie!

About 4 weeks ago I finally got a dog! Her name is Minnie because she’s like a mini GSD. This is something I have been wanting, waiting, dreaming of for a while now. I was ready to drive down to LA to get a dog, but hubby made me wait (aka he wasn’t going to…


Recipes Page

I’ve added a new recipes page to consolidate all my recipes. Often I have one I’d like and, yes, of course I could use the search function on the left side, but it’d be so much easier to see all my recipes in one place. Perhaps now that they are easier to find this way,…


Metal Casting

And here we have the finished product! (set nicely against my new curtain fabric–there will be a post on that later.) I think the hamsa (the one on the right) is my favorite. It came out most how I expected it to. This post describes the steps to make these.


Visiting the Crucible

For a team offsite at work, we went to the The Crucible. The Crucible is an awesome place where you can do crazy crafts like foundry (melting metal and pouring it into molds), glass working, blacksmithing, welding, jewelery making, neon and more. For our offsite, we did glass flameworking and foundry. Unfortunately, I didn’t get…