Little zipper bag

I needed something to keep together all the random bits in my purse. So I made this when I was up in the morning with jet lag. It’s lined. I’m quite pleased with how it came out. Perhaps I will put together a tutorial if I have time. Here are some other pictures.

Bruges Market

In the center of Bruges, right in front of our hotel in fact, there is a market in the square. Not sure how often though I heard it mentioned in our guide books so it must be reasonably often. Don’t the strawberries look amazing?? Here are some pictures from the market.

Belgian Waffle

This was a waffle I had in Belgium, making it a Belgian waffle. The waffles there are different than in the states, even though we call them Belgian waffles. The dough they use of there is more of a dough than a batter. It makes it delicious and chewy. And the chocolate doesn’t hurt.

Sugar Cubes

I haven’t seen real sugar cubes in a while. There were two in this little package which I thought was so cute. One of my French friends saw this picture and says, “Yeah, I guess you don’t see the cubes in the States that much.” He mentioned that’s mostly what they have in restaurants there,…