Menu translations

There were some interesting menu translations. Sweat pan cakes? I had one actually and it was delicious. Or perhaps you would like some cock stew? (Yes, I know that is the literal translation but for silly Americans it still sounds funny since I think the dish is technically made with hens, not roosters.)

Almond croissant

This was a delicious almond croissant. I was so disappointed that they were out of chocolate ones, but then I got a surprise–there was chocolate in this one! Even better than a plain chocolate croissant. Definitely one of the best croissants I’ve ever had.

Root Beer Float Cupcake

Yes, I realize the picture isn’t so hot (I was using my camera phone), but the taste was amazing. The cupcake was just a plain vanilla cupcake, but the frosting was amazing. It really tasted just like root beer! Rebecca brought the cupcake came from Sweet, a new cupcake store. We also tried their red…


Gold Ottoman — Part 1

I’ve decided I need to use up my stash. I also have a ton of scraps that I can’t bring myself to throw out so I’m going to use them for stuffing. For what? For an ottoman type seat like the drawing you see above. Yeah, I know my photoshop drawing skills leave something to…