American sandwich bread

I decided to try my hand at bread. I’ve made it before. This time I made it without the bread machine. I’ve had bad luck with bread machine breads because the crusts always come out rock hard (and once I almost cut my finger off trying to cut through the crust of some bread I…


Pot Stickers

After watching an episode of America’s Test Kitchen where they made pot stickers, I was determined to make them. I made them along with Thai Chili Beef. The beef was not so good. The pot stickers came out pretty decent. That’s just soy sauce we used to dip them in. The recipe actually made a…


Dutch baby!

One of my favorite things to do is share a Dutch baby with my husband on Sunday morning. They are quite delicious. However I often get asked, what is a dutch baby? A Dutch baby, also called a German pancake, is like a very egg-y pancake. It’s baked in a skillet in the oven where…


Golden Gate Bridge

This is one of the bridges that I tried making through Ponoko. I thought they would make cute escort card holders but unfortunately they were too cost prohibitive in the end. We found another cute option that my mom made that I’ll post pictures of at some point. This was also a test of taking…


Cupcakes gone wrong

So you know how all the cupcake recipes you read always tell you to let the cupcakes cool before you frost them? They’re not kidding. I was in a rush to go to a party on Friday and had promised the hostess that I would bake cupcakes. Well, since I was in a rush, I…


Back in the swing of things

Gone for a while getting married but now that that’s done I’ll (hopefully) be doing more. So stay posted–more should be coming soon. (This post is also a test to see how posting from my phone works. As a teaser–and another test–here’s a pic of the burger my man made for me. It was good.)