French Seam - Part 5 French Seam

Mock French Seam - Part 5 Mock French Seam

Hand Overcast Hand Overcast

Taped Seam - Part 4 Taped Seam

Normal Dart - Part 3 Normal Dart

Fish Eye Dart - Part 5 Fish Eye Dart

Flat Felled Seam - Part 4 Flat Felled Seam

Flat Piping Seam - Part 7 Flat Piping Seam

Corded Seam - Part 6 Corded Seam

Slot Seam - Part 7 Slot Sleam

Hong Kong Finish - Part 7 Hong Kong Finish

Single Bias Binding - Part 1 Single Bias Binding

Double Bias Binding - Part 6 Double Bias Binding

Bias Facing - Part 4 Bias Facing

Decorative Seam to the Outside - Part 5 Decorative Seam to the Outside

Strap Seam - Part 5 Strap Seam

Lapped Zipper - Part 9 Lapped Zipper

IMG_0576 Fringe coming soon

IMG_0599 Single Ruffle coming soon

IMG_0644 Set-in Sleeve coming soon

IMG_0645 Placket coming soon

IMG_0647 Blind Hem coming soon

IMG_0648 Patch Pocket coming soon

IMG_0675 Mandarin Collar coming soon

IMG_0662 In Seam Pocket coming soon


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