Planting Update

Some updates on how things are growing. Overall, great! Everything is really perking up. Except the berries. We’ll have to see how they do. Above is the sage which is growing quite nicely. Need to make something with those nice leaves. More pictures after the break.

More planting

Planted some new items in my herb garden last weekend. Kicking off the bunch are some strawberries. Each little pocket (there are 6 of them) has a strawberry plant. You can already see some delicious berries forming. I tried one today. Yum 🙂 More pictures after the break.

Planting a garden

Over Memorial Day weekend, my parents were in town and my dad helped me plant an herb garden. The original plan was to plant them in the dirt you see them on, not in the pots. However, it turns out that my dog is a bit of a digger. The yard is littered with holes…