Here’s the toffee I made. I divided it into little approximately 2 oz bags. This made 8 of them. Sad to say, I forgot to bring them to the bake sale 🙁 But I tasted it later (since I forgot it for the bake sale) and it tasted quite good 🙂

Chocolate Chip Cookies

In my craziness, I thought, “hey, I’ll make some chocolate chip cookies as well.” This was silly. Although they tasted good. I used this recipe from  Shelterrific which is supposed to be the best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever. In my opinion, it tasted very similar to Tollhouse. And my cookies came out super flat…

Flavored Marshmallows

So you must understand how much I love marshmallows. I used the recipe which one my marshmallow off from Cooking for Engineers. For the bakesale, I made 4 different flavors in clockwise order from the top left: almond, peppermint, raspberry, and vanilla. They all came out wonderfully and fluffy.

The Bake Sale

So we had a bake sale for dance and I went more than a little crazy baking for it. I made: 1 batch of toffee 4 batches of marshmallows in 4 flavors 1 batch of approx 36 cookies 4 1/2 dozen cupcakes of various kinds So now I will share them with you.