Here’s the toffee I made. I divided it into little approximately 2 oz bags. This made 8 of them. Sad to say, I forgot to bring them to the bake sale 🙁 But I tasted it later (since I forgot it for the bake sale) and it tasted quite good 🙂

The Bake Sale

So we had a bake sale for dance and I went more than a little crazy baking for it. I made: 1 batch of toffee 4 batches of marshmallows in 4 flavors 1 batch of approx 36 cookies 4 1/2 dozen cupcakes of various kinds So now I will share them with you.

Toffee success

So, last weekend (not this past weekend, but the one before it), I attempted toffee once again. This time was a success. I used this toffee recipe from Cooking For Engineers. Here we have all the ingredients. I’ve already added the butter.

Toffee Attempt 1

I tried making marshmallows a couple of weeks ago from this recipe from Cooking for Engineers. Those turned out well. My next endeavor was toffee with a recipe from the same website. Here are the results of my first attempt: Apparently my spatula is not actually made of silicone and cannot withstand high temperatures.